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Nemo me impune lacesset. Si vis pacem, para bellum.


We Win! In the long run the question will be, how big did we win? Time will tell. Below you can find a mirrored copy of the ruling.


Banned List

Often, I have read of people saying this or that company has done "bad things" and we should vote with our wallets against them. This seems to me to be a fine idea, but there is no central list for people to check or refer to of these companies. I propose we create such a list.

It should probably have two categories, permanently banned, and temporarily banned. I suppose a company named on the permanent list could get off it given that they correct the behavior that got them on the list in the first place. And that they show evidence they are not going to revert. So, any one have ideas for who should be on.... The List?

Send your suggestions and reasons to: banndedlist +

Read the article below, and tell me. Are you a sheep?

Are you a sheep?

Well, are you?

Being prepared

Why is it that most people don't prepare for any adverse conditions? Whether it's financial, environmental, or even political, huge numbers of people never even think about what could happen and what they should do to prepare if it does. It's gotten to the point in this country, maybe others, where even if you do think about such things you're weirdo. As though only wackos prepare and it's a good thing to be a sheep.

I will not be a sheep. I will be as prepared as I can be. You cannot predict the future, but you can be ready for anything you can reasonably expect to face. Governments fall, natural disasters happen, plagues spread. You can't really stop any of those from happening. You can however, prepare yourself and your family for such an occurrence. It isn't crazy or paranoid to do so, it's common sense.

Federalist Papers Podcast

Long time no post. Hate that.

Anyway, thanks to Technocrat I now have the federalist papers in podcast format. If you want to check them you can find them here

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