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Narus Must Die

Narus Inc is a company who seems to have as their business model breaking the Internet. Or at least making sure that the large carriers can extract every last dime that is possible. If that happens to break the idea of the Internet, so be it. Hence, they are on the list with Microsoft and its kin. From this article at arstechnica:

Could it happen in the US? Yes and no. The US already has laws on the books that would make it illegal for a carrier to block traffic from a competitor, but don't worry, Narus' president of marketing Jay Thomas has it all figured out. Prepare to be incensed.

"But there's nothing that keeps a carrier in the United States from introducing jitter, so the quality of the conversation isn't good," Thomas says. "So the user will either pay for the carrier's voice-over-Internet application, which brings revenue to the carrier, or pay the carrier for a premium service that allows Skype use to continue. You can deteriorate the service, introduce latency [audible delays in hearing the other end of the line], and also offer a premium to improve it."